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Mike Sententia, Founder of Healing Lab

Hi, I’m Mike Sententia, founder of Healing Lab. My life’s mission is to understand energy healing as a natural phenomenon, how it interacts with atoms and cells and the rest of the world, and to use those insights to push the limits of what we can do with energy healing.

I’ve been studying energy healing since 1991, but kept it under wraps for 20 years. Then the death of someone I loved made me realize I had to share my work, help make energy healing a trusted part of modern health care, and help make sure no one else suffers or dies unnecessarily.

Healing Lab’s mission is to build energy healing into a modern science that can reliably help people with chronic and fatal diseases, as an equal partner to Western medicine.

Energy healing is already helping people, and we barely understand how it functions. If we understood the physics of this energy, how it interacts with atoms and cells and the rest of the world, we could develop techniques that help so many more people. Drawing on medicine, biology, and the other sciences, we could target particular tissues related to specific medical conditions, precisely adjusting their energy, and knowing exactly how those energy adjustments would affect the cells themselves. We could develop new techniques based on scientific testing, to ensure they’re reliable and effective for everyone, even skeptics. We could push the limits of energy healing, developing techniques so effective they cannot be ignored.

(Understanding the physics and biology of energy healing would advance those sciences, too, enabling new technologies we cannot foresee today.)

Founded in 2015, Healing Lab is based in San Francisco, with offices in the Embodiment Arts Collective, at 3490 20th Street, San Francisco CA 94110, near 24th St BART. We offer both in-person and distance healing sessions.

“Healing Lab” is a registered trademark of Healing Lab, LLC.
Mike has been working with energy since 1991, and teaching energy techniques since 2009.

Before founding Healing Lab in 2015, Mike worked as a computer science researcher at Sandia National Laboratories specializing in genetic programming and quantum computing, then became a security consultant helping companies worldwide create software that’s hard to hack. He developed many of his healing techniques during those years, exploring energy on the weekends and practicing with friends and family.

member-htpaMike is a member of the Healing Touch Professionals Association, the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, and the Embodiment Arts Collective where he practices energy healing. He’s completed coursework for human research through the CITI Program (ID 20428413 & 20428414) and the NIH (ID 2210134). He carries professional insurance through HTPA.

(Note: Mike Sententia is his pen name. To look up certifications, use his legal name, Michael Peters. Also note that Mike is an energy healer, not a physician.)

Hi, I’m Mike Sententia, founder of Healing Lab. My life’s mission is to understand healing energy as a natural phenomenon, how it interacts with atoms and cells and the rest of the world, and to use those insights to push the limits of what we can do with energy healing.

I’ve always loved science. As a child, my father took me to construction sites and explained the pistons and hydraulics that made the equipment work, and later taught me chemistry, physics, and math. After school, I’d take apart an old radio to see how transistors amplified the signal, play with chemistry kits, and program my Commodore 64. I wanted to understand the world around me.

When I was 11, I felt energy for the first time. A friend, fanatical about fantasy novels, began talking about energy in trees, people, and nature. We tried feeling the energy of a tree, somewhere between play and curiosity, and felt something. Was it actual energy, or placebo, or something else? I have no way of knowing. But I felt a tingling on my skin and scalp, and felt it again the next day in the woods near my house, and the young scientist in me needed to understand it.

(I’m lucky that his books drew from actual energy practices, and provided energy meditations and other exercises mixed in with the fantasy.)

But psychics and religious people were the butts of my father’s jokes. I knew my atheist parents wouldn’t approve, and I didn’t want to give other kids another reason to tease me. So even though I journaled about these experiences every day,  I rarely talked about energy.

In college, I joined the pagan club. I was so excited to meet a community of energy workers. But I had been exploring energy for years, and my experience of energy was often at odds with the religious and mystical books they were reading. I tried to share my ideas about how energy worked, but I had no experience explaining them and no data to back up my work, and my ideas were dismissed as idle speculation. After a few years, I gave up on finding a community.

In my 20s, I entered a long-term relationship with a former runner who had stopped running due to chronic knee pain. I began developing healing techniques for her. After a few months of weekly healing sessions, she began to resume her running practice with minimal pain. Later, she developed chronic hives, which again improved dramatically after a few healing sessions. She became my biggest supporter, believing in my work even more than I did. When I started a blog in 2010, she edited my posts, and coached me in how to connect with others about my work.

But I still wasn’t ready to talk with anyone the least bit skeptical. I’d work with other energy healers who had chronic pain, but wasn’t able to talk with non-healer friends suffering from similar conditions. Because I feared rejection too much to truly explore my calling, I hid my passion for nearly two decades.

Two events pushed me past that fear:

The first one happened in 2015, when that runner developed cancer. It was two years after our 8-year relationship ended, and by the time I heard, she was on her second round of chemo. I flew to see her every month until she died, helping with her home nursing and taking her to the botanic gardens and art galleries and other places we loved to visit. Over those 6 months, we did over 20 healing sessions, and I saw her pain decrease, her insomnia abate, and other improvements after each session. I began to envision a mature science of energy healing, one that understood exactly how energy affects living cells, that we could use to develop techniques to help her immune system respond to her cancer.

The second event happened later that year, working with a friend who suffered from chronic insomnia. For years, she’d only gotten 3-4 hours of sleep a night. I used the same healing technique I developed for the runner, and after a few sessions, the insomniac began sleeping 6-7 hours a night. (Details in her testimonial.)

These experiences showed me that my years of study and practice, far from being something to hide, actually had practical application in the world. I felt hope, and a tremendous push to share my work, help more people, and build a community to test and develop these techniques. I also felt the tremendous resistance and fear of rejection that had held me back for two decades, but my passion won out. I dreamed of a world where energy healing was accepted and researched, where practitioners worked with scientists to develop better healing techniques based on medicine, biology, and other sciences, a world where no one has to suffer or die unnecessarily, and where no one feels stigma or shame for feeling energy.

A few months later, I founded Healing Lab, and began working to make those dreams a reality.

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