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Learn energy that gets results

Stronger chi means better energy healing, manifesting, tantra, and more.

At Energy Dojo, we play games that give objective results, so you can strengthen your chi and never have to wonder if you were really feeling energy or just imagining it.

Here’s a game: Blindfold your partner and send energy to one of their hands. Don’t tell them which one, and don’t touch them. Using only your energy, get them to feel it.

We improve what we measure. These games measure objective results, so they let us make our chi strong, reliable, and effective. Within a few lessons, many students are getting 90% accuracy and seeing better results in their healing, manifesting, and other energy practices.

Energy Dojo’s lessons are based on observation and testing, not mysticism. You’ll learn techniques and approaches not taught anywhere else.

Energy Dojo is for everyone, from novice to adept, who wants results.

For novices: Learn everything you need to get started using energy effectively and safely, with objective feedback so you know it’s working. You’ll also learn an easy healing technique, use it, and experience it yourself.

For experienced energy workers (from the instructor): I had 20 years experience with energy when I began these games. They showed me which skills were reliable, which weren’t, and gave me the feedback I needed to improve. It took my healing work to the next level. In martial arts, after you get your black belt, you go back to the white belt techniques and relearn them more deeply and effectively. That’s what we’re doing here, laying a stronger foundation so you can get better results from all your energy practices.

In this experiential workshop, you’ll:

  • Create a custom visualization to ensure you’re using your chi, not just your imagination.*
  • Play games to build your skill and strength with energy.
  • Learn an easy healing technique, and give and receive healing energy.

Tickets: $20 in advance, $25 at the door.

Want a FREE TICKET? Invite 40 friends to this month’s Facebook event, then message Mike and tell him. FB calendar:

When: 2nd Saturday of every month, 2-4pm
Where: Rudramandir, 830 Bancroft Way, Room 110, Berkeley
(How to find room 110)

About the instructor: Mike Sententia has more than 25 years experience with biofield energy. He is the founder of Healing Lab, where he specializes in joint pain and offers healing sessions with a money-back guarantee. Before that, he researched quantum computing and genetic programming at Sandia National Laboratories. He applies his engineer’s mind to developing energy techniques, discerning energy’s mechanisms, and demystifying what’s “under the hood.” He uses his insights to help anyone who works with energy to improve their results. More at

*Why create a custom energy visualization? Over the years, we’ve found that energy visualizations are not one-size-fits-all. To be effective, your visualization must match the unique way energy feels to you. That’s why pre-made, generic visualizations don’t work, and why you’ll learn to make your own custom energy visualization at Energy Dojo.

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