All Healing Lab sessions are given by Mike Sententia, founder of Healing Lab, and senior practitioner. He specializes in arthritis and other joint issues.

At the beginning of your session, you’ll discuss your health and goals, the energy healing process, and any questions you might have.

Reading Your Body’s Energy

You’ll sit or lie comfortably on the massage table, fully clothed. With your consent, your practitioner will lightly place their fingertips on your body and will read the energetic state of each tissue in that area of your body.

Touch protocol

For sensitive areas of the body, your practitioner will ask you to place their fingertips in an area that feels comfortable to you. Your practitioner can also work by hovering hands if you would prefer not to be touched.

Selecting the Healing Techniques

Your practitioner will explain what they read in your body’s energy and recommend healing techniques.

For example, with a client with osteoarthritis, they might say,

“In your tendon, I read an energy signature I typically see in inflamed tissue. In your cartilage, I read an energy signature I typically see in clients with osteoarthritis. I have two healing techniques, one designed for inflammation and the other for calcification, that many clients have gotten excellent results with.”

You’ll have time to ask questions and discuss the healing techniques. Once you agree on which healing techniques you’d like to receive, your practitioner will once again follow the touch protocol above to apply the energy adjustment.

Applying the Energy Adjustment

When your practitioner applies the energy adjustment, you might feel a pleasant tingling or other sensation. Some people feel nothing at all. These sensations do not seem to have any impact on the overall results of the session.

After the energy adjustment, the session ends with a discussion of what to expect, next steps, and any remaining questions you have.

Other Info

  • Our healing techniques are safe to use in combination with Western medicine, pharmaceuticals, and other methods of health care and healing.
  • All sessions come with our money-back guarantee. (Details)
  • Our office is in Berkeley, CA in the Rudramandir Building, 830 Bancroft Way #110.

When you’re ready, the next step is a free 30-minute consultation by phone.