September 26, 2019

Energy healing: The scientific evidence

Energy healing has been well researched since the 1970s, including placebo-controlled trials, in vitro studies, and more, with compelling results.

This post reviews just a few of the results from that half-century of research.

What is energy?

The word “energy” can refer to a variety of phenomena.

We might say, “This party has great energy.” This doesn’t mean an energy healer set a field of chi throughout the house. It means that the music and conversation is exciting. Here, “energy” is talking about emotion.

Or, “What a crazy day at work! My energy was pulled in ten different directions.” We don’t mean our co-workers were tugging on our chi. We mean our focus was split between meetings and interrupted by emails. Here, “energy” is talking about attention.

What I mean by “energy” is a phenomenon that in the East is called chi or prana, and in the West is called biofield energy.

Note: “Biofield” can also refer to electromagnetic fields around the body, gas emissions of cells, and other phenomena that I don’t work with.

The Research

People are often surprised to learn of the half-century of excellent peer-reviewed research on energy healing. Here’s just a small sample:

While more research is needed to definitively verify the results, especially the human health results, the evidence is compelling:

These results cannot be explained away as placebo, since placebo only affects humans.

They cannot be dismissed as coincidence. The chance of coincidence in many studies is less than one in one in a thousand — stronger than most medical research.

How Energy Works

It seems that living cells produce this subtle energy, and that there are many types, or signatures, of this energy. Healthy cells produce energy in one signature, inflamed cells in another, nerves signalling pain in still another. And, by adjusting the energy around the cells, it seems that we can promote healing in those cells.

The Big Picture

Right now, 11 million Americans are addicted to prescription painkillers, and pain is a fact of life for 1.5 billion people worldwide.

As we come to better understand energy healing and how it works, we’ll develop healing techniques to help all those people and more.

The first step is developing a better awareness of the excellent research that already exists. By reading this post, and seeing how the evidence for energy healing is far stronger than most people imagine, you’re part of that effort. Thank you for reading and sharing!

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