November 4, 2022

How to Get the Most Out of Your Healing Session

So you’ve scheduled your first energy healing session — congratulations! Here are a few tips to help your session go smoothly.

Hi there! We’re so excited you’ve decided to work with us to explore energy healing for your osteoarthritis and chronic pain. With your healing session now on the books, you may be wondering how to prepare for our work together.

The good news is that there’s very little you need to do to prepare for our session. Just focus on is feeling relaxed and comfortable. If you do feel skeptical or tense, that’s completely fine too — just let us know if there’s anything we can do to put your mind at ease. 

Beyond that, here are a few tips we give our new members in preparation for our session:

#1 Wear comfortable clothes

The most important thing to focus on is your comfort. When you come to our office, we’ll have a comfortable chair for our intake discussion, and a massage table for you to lie down on for the energy healing. We recommend wearing clothes that you might wear to a yoga session or that you can lie down in for our session.

#2 Stay hydrated

Not specific to healing sessions, but a good idea generally. Check in with yourself before leaving for the session. We’ll also have a bottle of water for you when you arrive.

#3 Bring music and headphones

Although this is optional, we’ve found that many of our clients prefer to listen to music of their choice that helps them relax. Your practitioner will need quiet to focus on the healing techniques, so please bring headphones if you’d like to listen to music or a podcast.

#4 Feel free to ask questions

This session is all about you. So whatever questions or curiosities you have, just let us know! We love explaining our process and the research behind energy healing, and want to make sure you feel comfortable and aligned with the process before getting started. If questions pop up during the session as well, feel free to ask away! No question is off limits.

#5 Speak up if anything doesn’t feel right

When it comes to your body, you are the expert. If at any point you feel discomfort, just let us know. This process should be painless, so if anything feels off, feel free to bring it up in the moment. We’ll work immediately to adjust and relieve any discomfort before continuing on with our session.

#6 Listen to your body

We want to hear all your feedback, both during the session and once you’ve gone home. While the medical community can be dismissive at times, we recognize that you are the expert in your experience and your body’s signals. 

Send us a message at any time to give us an update on how you’re feeling. This will help us in future sessions, as well as with providing distance energy mini-adjustments as needed. We’ll also follow-up each session with a questionnaire and weekly check-ins.

We hope that puts your mind at ease, and we can’t wait to see you in your upcoming healing session! And of course, if you have any questions between now and then, just send us a message and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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