November 4, 2022

The Healing Lab Approach to Energy Healing

Get an inside look at our unique approach to energy healing, developed by founder and lead healer Mike Sententia.

One of the most common questions we hear at Healing Lab is, “so… how does energy healing work?” This also happens to be one of our favorite questions to talk about. Why? Because the truth is — we don’t know! (And anyone who says otherwise is not aligned with the science.)

While decades of research have confirmed that energy healing techniques can impact everything from plants to animals to cells to people, we’re still working to understand exactly how and why energy healing works.

But what the research does suggest is that energy healing can have very real results, whether you believe in it or not.

For instance, take Mary. 

When we first met, Mary was living with cancer, arthritis, bone spurs, and was close to needing her second hip replacement. She was in “more pain than most folk,” with pain levels at 5-7 out of 10 most days.

After discussing her arthritis, she began her session with Lead Healer, Mike Sententia. In her own words, “even before the end of the session my pain was down to 2/10.” 17 weeks later, and Mary’s pain had remained around two out of ten.

Mary is not alone in having benefited from the power of energy healing. (Read more success stories from our clients here. Individual results may vary.)

While we can’t tell you exactly how energy works, we’re excited to learn more as research continues unfolding the mysteries of energy work. Until then, we can share our approach to working with energy and how our healers work with energy to help our clients experience relief.

The Story Behind Healing Lab Energetics

What separates Healing Lab from other practitioners is our blend of science with energy. We are on a mission to bring the ancient art of energy healing to the modern world of medicine, to revolutionize healthcare and help end chronic pain.

The story of Healing Lab truly begins with our founder, Mike Sententia. Mike had been curious about energy since he was a child. But it was after meeting one of his great loves, Lisa, that he took his studies of energy to the next level. As a nurse, Lisa helped Mike gain unique insight into healthy and unhealthy energies produced by different cells throughout the body. 

Pairing his energy work with Lisa’s medical knowledge, the two began developing healing techniques for Lisa and friends, for everything from tweaked backs to hives. 

Although Lisa later passed away from cancer, it was her and Mike’s work to merge the best of modern medicine with the art of energy that led to the energy healing techniques we use today at Healing Lab.  

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What is Energy?

Energy, also called chi, qi, or prana, is produced by all living cells. Every living cell produces its own energetic signature and that signature changes depending on the cell’s health.

For instance, tendons give off different energy signatures than nerves. Nerves experiencing chronic pain give off different energy than other nerves. Inflamed cartilage gives off different signatures than healthy cartilage.

In essence, the energy given off by cells are defined by two things: The type of cell and state of the cell (healthy, inflamed, arthritic, etc). Every disease, condition, and state can prompt cells to produce different energy signatures. By understanding the cells and energies involved in a condition, we can develop better healing techniques, which is why it’s so essential to work with a specialist in your condition.

Our Approach to Energy Healing

Think of an energy signature like a radio wave. Each cell emits these waves, with the crests and troughs depending on the state of the cell. A Healing Lab practitioner reads the energy waves, looking for energy signatures characteristic to inflammation, arthritis, and more. When they spot dysfunction, they adjust the signal to help guide the cells back toward health.

For instance, when Mike works with a client with osteoarthritis, he first reads the energy of the cartilage and any arthritis lesions. He applies healing energy based on the energy of a child’s cartilage.

The bursa is next. He looks for signs of inflammation and precisely suppress those energy signatures, while also boosting energy signatures associated with healthy cell growth.

Finally, Mike explores the energy of the nerves. Nerves with chronic pain actually change over time, becoming more sensitive and better at transmitting pain signals. They have a unique physiology and energy signature. Once Mike identifies and suppresses this energy, many clients report feeling their pain drop in a matter of minutes. (Individual results may vary.)

What Happens in a Typical Healing Session?

There’s nothing you need to do to prepare for your healing session. You don’t even have to believe in energy healing for our techniques to work.

All you need to do is show up and do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

After discussing your experience with arthritis, we’ll invite you to lay down on the massage table or sit in a chair — whatever you prefer. Your healer will lightly touch the affected joint (or hold their hands over it) to observe your energy. They’ll discuss their findings and recommendations with you, then lightly touch the joint again (or hold their hands over it) as they adjust your energy towards healthier functioning.

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Based on our client’s experiences, you may feel results before the session is even over.

And while results may vary, we guarantee you’ll love the way you feel. There’s no upfront payment, so if you don’t love the results, you don’t pay. That’s how confident we are in our work.

We hope this article has given you deeper insight into the world of energy healing!

If you are curious to learn more or wonder whether Healing Lab could help you, don’t hesitate to reach out — we’d love to chat.

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