July 21, 2023

How Energy Healing Works

An inside look at the Healing Lab approach to energy healing.

By Mike Sententia, Lead Healer
and Founder of Healing Lab

Recently I was working with a client who, at the end of our session, excitedly asked me, “This stuff is like magic! How does energy healing work?”

She’d been getting great results and had dabbled in energy work herself, so she was curious to hear my perspective.

The truth is, that’s one of the biggest unanswered questions out there right now, and every energy practitioner will give you a different answer. So what follows is less of a universal, end-all-be-all explanation of how energy works. Rather, this is my experience with energy healing, how I perceive it, and how I work with energy to achieve the results I do for my clients.

How I Learned to Read Energy

It took a long time to achieve the specificity in reading energy that I have today.

I was sensitive to energy beginning in childhood. Growing up, I familiarized myself with my own energy and the energies of the world around me.

After college, I met Lisa, one of the great loves of my life and a practicing nurse. She helped me decipher the energies of the body, developing an understanding of energy signatures and how they correspond to tendon, bone, nerves, and other tissue, along with health, inflammation, and other states. Together, we developed my first energy healing techniques for chronic pain, hives, and more.

Since then, I’ve added blind testing to my practice, studied physiology, and further developed my ability to understand the body’s energy.

My Basis For Energy Healing

Every living cell produces energy with a distinct signature. Over years of study I’ve found that these signatures generally vary by two factors: The type of tissue and its state of health.

For example, tendons tend to give off energy similar to other tendons, nerves to nerves, and cartilage to cartilage. If the energy signature is like a radio wave, think of this as the radio station.

Similarly, inflamed tendon tends to emit energy similar to inflamed muscle or cartilage. In the radio analogy, think of this as the song being played.

In my experience, different parts of the energy signature (different instruments in the song) correspond to different cellular processes, such as inflammatory response, cellular growth, or the suppressed and damaged functions of arthritic cartilage.

Depending on the state of cells, I work to boost or suppress the energy of those cellular processes, using the “radio station” part of the signature to target the correct tissue.

A Concrete Example

When I work with a client with arthritis, my first goal is to observe and analyze the energy signatures in the joint. When I find a tissue that’s giving off the energy of inflammation, I work to suppress that signature and boost signatures I associate with new cell growth. The goal is to reduce inflammation and promote healing.

With chronic pain, when nerves signal pain over and over, they learn to signal pain better and better. This neural learning is what chronic pain is. It has a unique physiology and a unique energy signature. I work to precisely suppress that energy signature, and many clients have reported a drop in pain in a couple of minutes.

So far, the energy signatures I’ve observed seem to match nicely with cellular processes, and that understanding allows me to draw from modern medicine to understand the energy signatures and develop new healing techniques.

One day, I hope to research the physiological roots of energy healing – for example, measuring what happens to nerves in a Petri dish when I apply that energy, to understand the changes at a biochemical level. As we research more, we’ll learn more about how energy healing works, create better explanations and understandings than I have today, and develop better healing techniques to help even more people.

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