Mike Sententia has been studying energy for more than a quarter-century, and teaching it for more than a decade.

His mission is to end chronic pain by developing a modern science of energy healing.

Mike began his career as a computer scientist at Sandia National Laboratories, researching quantum computing and genetic programming.

He applies his engineer’s mind to developing energy techniques, discerning energy’s mechanisms, and demystifying what’s “under the hood.” He uses his insights to help anyone who works with energy to improve their results.

member-htpaMike is a member of Healing Touch Professionals Association and the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, where he’s taught doctors and other medical professionals about energy healing. He’s completed coursework for human research through the CITI Program (ID 20428413 & 20428414) and the NIH (ID 2210134). He carries professional insurance through HTPA. (To look up certifications, use his legal name, Michael Peters.)

He writes at MikeSententia.com

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