You might think the only arthritis options are surgery and drugs like tramadol and oxycodone.

But many people are not candidates for joint replacement surgery. And many people find that gentle medications are ineffective, while strong meds are debilitating.

That’s why the Arthritis Foundation recommends a total wellness plan including nutrition, exercise, and integrative therapies.

We’re constantly reviewing the latest research to identify easy, natural steps for arthritis health, to use in combination with medication and other treatments.

Below, you’ll find our clients’ favorite resources for osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis.



Research shows that 1g/day of omega-3 fatty acids can help slow and prevent OA.

You can get your daily dose from a 3oz serving of salmon, sardines, or mackerel, or from omega-3 supplements.

Supplements should contain both EPA and DHA, two types of omega-3 fatty acids. (The third common type of omega-3, ALA, is found in plants, and has not been shown to be effective for osteoarthritis.)

Here are several well-reviewed options on Amazon:

Fish Oil

Plant Oil (with EPA and DHA)

Vitamin K

Research shows that a deficiency of vitamin K can lead to osteoarthritis.

To ensure you have enough vitamin K each day, eat leafy greens or take a supplement or multivitamin with 100% recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamin K.

Here are several well-reviewed options on Amazon:

If you take blood thinners, talk with your doctor before starting vitamin K supplements.

Disclaimer: Healing Lab doesn’t sell or endorse any nutritional products. Links provided for informational purposes only.


Tips for healthy exercise:

  • Minimize impact. Walk, swim, or bike. Don’t run.
  • Heat before, ice after, for up to 20 minutes each.
  • Move gently. Warm up 5-10 minutes.
  • Seeing redness or swelling? Slow down.
  • Sharp pain, or more pain than usual? Rest 5-15 minutes.
  • Sore joints two hours later? You overdid it. Do less next time.

Talk with your doctor or physical therapist before starting a new exercise program.

Want more? The Mayo Clinic has an excellent guide on exercise for arthritis.

Looking for resources near Berkeley? Here’s a list of senior centers with exercise classes.

Energy Healing

Energy, or chi, is produced by living cells. It pools around those cells, and affects the cells bathed in it. If you’ve taken tai chi classes, you may have worked with this energy. Learn more

Energy healing works by adjusting the chi around cells to promote their natural healing. It’s been well-researched since the 1970s, including studies of osteoarthritis showing increased mobility and decreased pain with little-to-no side effects. Learn more

When selecting an energy healer, look for:

  • Arthritis specialist. Like selecting a doctor, look for an energy healer who specializes in your condition.
  • Money-back guarantee. You want someone you can trust, who stands 100% behind their work.

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