Arthritis crippling your life?

Arthritis can make it hard to even get out of bed.

Gentle painkillers don’t work, and strong meds can leave you groggy.
Surgery isn’t an option for everyone.

I’m a holistic osteoarthritis specialist with a
100% money-back guarantee.

Berkeley, CA • Distance sessions nationwide

You’ll love the way you feel. I guarantee it.

Mike Sententia, founder and senior healer

Many clients experience:

  • Pain down by 3 points (on a 10 point scale) in 1 session

  • Further reduction in pain with additional sessions

  • Walking 1 mile comfortably after 3 months

I can’t say for certain what you’ll experience. But I promise you this:

You’ll love the results, or your money back.

We invoice you after the session, so you’ll feel the results before you pay a dime.

There’s no fine print. I trust my clients. It really is that simple.

Clients love my work

I’m close to needing my 2nd hip replaced. Before working with Mike, the pain was 5-7 out of 10 most days. Even before the end of the session, my pain was down to 2/10. It’s been 5 weeks, and the pain is still down around 2-3. I’m amazed.

-Mary S, Oakland CA

As an RN, I work 12.5-hour shifts on my feet. I tweaked my right knee at work and by the time I got home, my knee was warm and aching. Mike did a session, and almost immediately my pain dropped from an 8/10 to a 3/10.

– Lisa W, Albuquerque NM

The pain in my hip was an 8 out of 10. Even sitting or lying down was excruciating. After nine sessions with Mike, my pain is down at a 3, and I can walk five miles.

– Diane F, San Francisco CA

The only energy healing made exclusively for arthritis

Energy healing has been well-researched since the 1970s.

Studies of osteoarthritis show increased mobility and decreased pain with little-to-no side effects. Learn more

I’ve designed and tested new healing techniques exclusively for osteoarthritis. That’s why my clients get such amazing results. Learn more

Is it worth $9/day to hike, play, and live again?

My simple pricing: One session a month, $249 a session.

That’s under $9/day.

Let me work on your osteoarthritis for just one hour

One session. That’s all it takes for many clients to start seeing improvement.

And with my 100% money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

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