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Healing Lab’s Mission: End chronic pain2019-08-05T11:00:09-07:00

Healing Lab’s mission is to end chronic pain by developing a modern science of energy healing.

Today, millions of people use energy healing to help overcome chronic pain.

But of the 50 million Americans with chronic pain, less than 1% try energy healing. Eleven million Americans are addicted to prescription painkillers, and pain is a fact of life for 1.5 billion people worldwide.

Imagine a world where we could safely, easily reduce pain, without side-effects or addiction.

A world where you or your doctor can select reliable, tested energy healing that’s right for you.

For practitioners: A world where you can get a job doing the healing sessions you’re here to do, and let someone else handle the business and marketing.

A world where energy healers collaborate with biologists and doctors to develop new approaches to pain, new treatments for chronic and fatal conditions, and new ways to increase longevity.

That’s the world we’re working to create.

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