March 27, 1-5pm Pacific

Heart Lab, 3095 21st St, San Francisco, CA 94110
Tickets $60

Modern Energy Healing

for Pain, Anxiety, and Wellness

Learn the art of energy healing and build your skills with the guidance of an expert in the field.

Modern Energy Healing for Pain, Anxiety, and General Wellness is a hands-on workshop that teaches an innovative energy healing technique developed over 25 years of scientific experimentation and testing. Students of this class have reported excellent results with joint pain, muscle pain, menstrual cramps, anxiety, and more, using these techniques on themselves and others.

If you are someone who feels energy but your rational scientific mind can’t believe your experience is real, or if you yearn to help people but you don’t know if you even have this thing people call “energy”, this workshop is for you. Learn about the science behind energy and become more confident in your energy healing skills through this Modern Energy Healing Workshop.

No experience necessary.

Tickets: $60

Small class size. Limited to 12 students.


“No-BS introduction to chi.” -Kris

“Exceeded expectations. Great balance of education and implementation.-Renee

“Class that gets results ASAP.” -Sara

In the class, we will:

Explore the science

“Is energy healing even real?”

Never be intimidated by that question again. We’ll explore the profound results of a half century of energy healing research and see why the evidence for energy healing is far stronger than most people imagine.

Learn techniques that get results

“I’ve never been sure if my energy healing worked.”

We hear that all the time. That’s why we spent the last 25 years developing and testing Healing Lab Energetics — to create professional-strength techniques so reliable, our healing sessions come with a money-back guarantee.

Release limiting beliefs

“Some people are gifted as healers.”

But when it doesn’t work, does that mean I’m not gifted? That I can’t be a healer? We’ll experience energy that doesn’t require a gift, unwavering belief, or enlightenment, and how you can utilize your energy skills to help yourself and others to feel well again.    

Energy is for everyone. Come see why.


Who: Beginning and intermediate energy explorers
When: Sunday, March 27, 1-5pm

Where: Heart Lab, 3095 21st St, San Francisco, CA 94110 – There’s no sign, look for the gated entrance around the corner from Limon.  Parking can be challenging, so please plan ahead.  Near 24th Mission BART.

Tickets: $60

Note: Water and tea are provided.  If you can, please bring a water bottle and closed container for tea.  There is a fridge and microwave available if you want to bring food. Please do not wear perfume or cologne, glitter, or feather boas. 

Covid Safety: Masks are optional.  Proof of vaccination boosters are required.

About the Instructor

Mike Sententia has over 30 years of experience with energy healing, application, and innovative techniques in the field, including 10 years of experience teaching it to others. He is the founder of Healing Lab, where he specializes in arthritis with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Before the Healing Lab, Mike researched quantum computing and genetic programming at Sandia National Laboratories. His engineer’s mind led him to explore the mechanisms behind energy healing and develop a healing system that produces reliable results almost every time. He is always working to demystify what’s “under the hood” of physical energy and to develop new approaches to energy healing that help people live healthier, fuller lives. 

Find out more about Mike at