Lisa W., Albuquerque, NW.

In 2011, Lisa developed chronic hives. For 9 months, despite the best Western medical care, she kept getting worse.

We didn’t think my healing work could impact her hives. But one evening, she shared how miserable she was. On most days, her itching was an 8/10. Even putting on a shirt (and having the fabric rub her skin) would cause an outbreak. She had difficulty focusing at work and was miserable even when doing hobbies she used to enjoy.

The next day, I started developing healing techniques for her. After our second session, she wrote:

My itching is now down to a 4/10, which is tolerable. [This is] a better outcome than oral antihistamines, Betamethasone (the most powerful topical corticosteriod) and emollients combined. I am now able to focus sufficiently so I can complete simple daily tasks. Yesterday [before the session] I was spending at least half of every hour trying to control the itching/scratch reflex.

Two months later, after two more sessions, her itching and outbreaks had stopped. She wrote:

For the first time in months, I can gently scratch an itch without having bumps form immediately afterward (these bumps would itch ten times worse than the original itch and form on sites all over my body, not just the site I scratched). I cannot express how much of a relief this is.

After four sessions total, her itching and outbreaks never came back.

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