I’m close to needing my 2nd hip replaced. Before working with Mike, the pain was 5-7 out of 10 most days. Even before the end of the session, my pain was down to 2/10. It’s been 5 weeks, and the pain is still down around 2-3. I’m amazed.

Mary S, Oakland CA

As an RN, I work 12.5-hour shifts on my feet. I tweaked my right knee at work and by the time I got home, my knee was warm and aching. Mike did a session, and almost immediately my pain dropped from an 8/10 to a 3/10.

Lisa W, Albuquerque NM

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For three months, my thumb was frozen straight. Kaiser said to get a cortisone injection. Instead, I came to Mike, and he worked on the locked-up thumb joint. An hour later, that thumb had the same range of motion as my other, healthy thumb!

Jill Nagle, El Cerrito CA, Wisdom of the Body

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I suffer from pain, anxiety, and other complex health issues that I’ve had minimal success treating with allopathic medicine. After working with Mike, I’m feeling less pain and my anxieties are calmer.

Sabrina M, Oakland CA

(After sleeping 3-4 hours a night for years.)

I AM SLEEPING GREAT LATELY. It is so awesome. I sleep nearly 7 1/2 hours almost every night and I freaking LOVE IT. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Monika Thomas, Oakland CA


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