The Story Behind Healing Lab,
from the Founder

The story of Healing Lab is a deeply personal one. I grew up with an innate curiosity of energy. My father, a scientist by trade, instilled in me a deep love and hunger for understanding the mechanisms underlying the world, and I carried that with me into my explorations of energy. I wanted to understand energy like I understood engines and atoms!

Through college I continued exploring energy, collecting pages of notes as I pushed myself to deepen my understanding. 

But it was in my early twenties when I met one of the great loves of my life, Lisa, that I began formally developing my system of Healing Lab Energetics.

We started small.

➣ I helped ease the pain in Lisa’s knees from years of running. When we met, she couldn’t dance, garden, or do almost anything she loved without pain. Running was out of the question. After 3 months of healing, she no longer felt any pain when dancing or gardening — she could even enjoy going for a run for the first time in years, paired with an ice pack after.

➣ Next was a veterinarian with chronic shoulder pain. By the next day, her pain had faded.

➣ Then came a nurse/DJ, whose nerve pain in his lower back was gone within minutes.

➣ I even managed to help Lisa completely eradicate her chronic hives after just a few sessions, which she’d visited the best medical professionals for months trying to heal.

(Individual results may vary.)

In 2014 though, Lisa was diagnosed with cancer.

As I developed new healing techniques for her, the pain and insomnia brought on by her chemotherapy eased. With her knowledge as a nurse, we developed a technique designed to get her immune system to attack her cancer.

Her immune system responded. But after two rounds of chemo, her body was too weak for the immune response. We had to undo the energy adjustment.

She died two months later. I mourned.

But later that year, I found conviction and purpose.

What if we had been able to collaborate with her doctors? What if, instead of drawing only from Lisa’s knowledge, I could develop this technique with professional researchers?

Roughly 1.5 billion people around the world are living with daily chronic pain. Millions of those are addicted to the prescription painkillers that are meant to help them, yet rarely do.

A mature science of energy healing could eliminate so much suffering…

With this in mind, I grew resolute in my mission to help ease suffering from chronic pain for as many people as I could.

Later that year, Healing Lab was born.

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